I love about scribing

Hidden beauties – How do you get interested?

Hey guys!
I have just come back from an awsome 2 weeks in THE Nature and it’s amazing how it has participated in awakening my curiosity and creativity. As if one needed to plug on nature to get the juice ?

So to put things into context, let me share this with you :
I have traveled often on my own when I was a young girl. It quickly became my therapy. Each time things would get too boring, I would by myself a flight ticket for a few months somewhere fare away. And there would always be a point in the journey, one specific moment, where everything was just perfect – a pure moment of grace.
You must know those moments. Usualy just a few minutes you can remember and describe perfectly even years after :
  • a beautiful sceneray and the feeling of the wind on your skin…
  • a smile…
  • a smell in the middle of ride …
  • a true word in the middle of a busy place…

Little things, in the middle of the cahos, that reminds you of something you have always known.
So (…) I’m finaly coming to the reason of this post !
A friend of mine has just showed and reminded me of an easy but powerful way to always find beauty and interest in every thing. TAdaaaaaa!
Here is the receipe I have drawn from his way of seeing :

  • Look in the details and adjust.
  • Follow the middle!

If you focus enough, you can discover that in what you often take for granted, hides an entire universe.
And If you look at it even closer, you can also realize that all that is different is beautiful and has treasures to teach you…
That’s also what I love about scribing. There are worlds in worlds for who wants to look and listen