definition de la facilitation graphique

What is Graphic Facilitation?

Forget long, boring and counterproductive team meetings!

Which manager has not experienced the headache of bringing together all the departments of his company for the implementation of a new process, a new vision or a new sales channel ?
Centralizing and summarizing the expectations of the product department, the constraints of the IT department, the recommendations of the quality department and the commercial objectives of the management team, all at the same time, can be really difficult.

Thanks to graphic facilitation, the manager can finally use a working method more suited to project management.


 In 1977, David Sibbet, founder of The Grove Consultants International agency, in San Francisco, developed graphic facilitation techniques and has since led discovery and initiation seminars around the world.

“People who work visually have better ideas, make better decisions, and are more committed to delivering results.” D.Sibbet

 Whether for a brainstorming session, a teambuilding session or just to think about a new project, graphic facilitation is a perfect tool to obtain a synthetic result unligntening the exchanges, the fears, but also the energy, and sometimes things left unsaid, during the session.

How does graphic facilitation work?

The concept is simple (in appearance!): it involves translating ideas into visual concepts, live, on a large fresco.

The graphic facilitator captures the flow of the conversation, key elements, links between ideas, and transcribes them in the shape of colorful and explicit graphics and comic strips.

Empathy, questioning and neutrality are important qualities to have, in order to feel what and when to draw it. The objective of the sessions is not to draw everything we hear, but to help bring visibility to the intangible.

The visuals serve the ideas, and help to think further, understand, reflect and co-design.

definition de la facilitation graphique

To remember !

The graphic facilitator is a professional who uses images to map conversations in real time and facilitate the collective thinking.

What are the benefits of graphic facilitation?

Graphic facilitation has many advantages for those managers and team leaders looking for tools for project management and understanding their employees:

  • improves participants’ attention
  • makes it easier to understand complex subjects
  • develops team creativity
  • allows you to visualize a process quickly
  • allows you to see the information from a global point of view at a single glance
  • involves all the senses in the process;
  • improves memory, attention and concentration;
  • collaborates in creative and emotional development;
  • assumes a leading and active role of the participant
  • helps to organize ideas in a logical way;
A quoi sert la facilitation graphique - avantage

Who is graphic facilitation for?

La facilitation graphique a de nombreux avantages pour les managers et chefs d’équipe, en quête d’outils pour la gestion de projets et l’échange avec les collaborateurs :
  • Business leaders
  • Managers
  • TeamBuilder
  • Sales Manager
  • Project manager
  • Head of Human Resources
  • Project manager
  • Product manager
  • Start-up
  • Speaker
  • Scientists
  • Explorers
  • Projectionists

What is the hardware of the graphic facilitator?

A good graphic facilitation requires a balance between the ability to listen, to synthesize ideas and to put them on paper. Your graphic facilitator usually intervenes with his drawing material.

Although the most important is the content, he or she will be equipped with :

  •  Black Marker: this is the most important marker. It is recommended to always have a spare on hand, as it is the one that is used the most.


    Color markers: used for underlining, coloring and shading. For text, it is recommended to use the darker ones, and for highlighting and shading, the lighter ones.

As for the host team, they will provide them with a whiteboard or a mural and if the walls are not usable, easels.

facilitation graphique pourquoi

How to learn graphic facilitation?

Training in graphic facilitation is possible

  • By using this tool, you will be able to:
  • better memorize the key points of your meetings,
  • make your notes more synthetic and pleasant to share,
  • interact differently in meetings
  • brainstorm more playfully
  • experience the flow

Do not hesitate to contact me for a tailor-made training.

I offer introductory or advanced scribing or sketchnoting training, face-to-face (in Paris, Europe or elsewhere), or via videoconference, with traditional markers, or digitally.